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Your Dentist

Here at Claremont we realise the importance of maintaining the relationship between the dentist and the patient and the benefits for both in maintaining a good rapport and continuity. We understand the patient puts a great deal of trust in the dentist to provide the best dental care possible and because of this we always try to offer you an appointment with the same dentist. However from time to time due to annual leave or other circumstances we may need to book your appointment with a different dentist but you will be informed of this when booking.


We hope that you are entirely satisfied with the dental treatment and services you receive from us. However, if this is not the case, please let us know so we can rectify the cause for dissatisfaction. We take patient complaints very seriously here at Claremont Dental Practice and do our best to improve any situation so further upset is not caused.


We carry a very strict confidentiality policy here at Claremont to ensure the patients information and records are kept safe. No information is passed on to any 3rd party without first gaining consent from the patient and this would only be needed when referring a patient on for further treatment. All of our staff have received training on confidentiality and have all read and signed the confidentiality policy

Our Facilities

We are a 3 surgery practice. Our ground floor facilities are suitable for disabled patients, including those in wheelchairs, and there is a disabled toilet. We are also easily accessable by bus, train and metrolink services

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